Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Ironically, I was very close to not going to this festival. I had no prior thoughts on how amazing this festival was, and I believed that it was going to be a drag of my time since this week was the most hectic week for me at the time.

I obviously was meant to go because I decided to screw my stress and try this new festival.
We left on Saturday noon and got there around 7pm when the sun was down and people were live.

This was the first time i ever camped at a festival, so i was really surprised to see how cool the camp we crashed at was organized and settled. We had our own DJ booth, lounging area, food table, and electricity. I felt pretty comfy.

No doubt I had a crazy good time and met up with my girl squad. We saw Lee Foss play and turned up to RL Grime. I ended up waking up 6am the next morning on a hammock HAHA…i was like HOW?

PHOTO// JonKillz

TOP// Rio Warner
SHORTS// [esqape]

Now sunday was like a vacation because the key to this festival was: the lake.
Having this lake at the festival set such a chill vibe and kept everyone clean. My whole sunday was spent chillin on a floatie in the lake and people watching (soo many weiners and boobies out) lol.
One of the poepl in our camp had a motor boat, so we tied all of our unicorn floaties to the boat and brought it to "SWiMBiOSiS," which was like a music stage in the middle of the lake (think Vegas pool party but on a lake).

FKA Twigs's performance that night was incredible. Her voice, her dancer, her beats, just amazing.
And I haven't even told you about the best part yet...
There was this dome that had 3D projections created by the brilliant artist Android Jones, and this was honestly THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE.
Although the line was an hour long, we our friend convinced us to wait, and it was worth it. So happens once you're inside is you lay down in the dome and look up to watch the projections on the 180deg visuals come to life. The projections were basically like the DMT trip I dreamed of having, to put into the best words possible. It was literally something out of this lifetime…


After that, we were more good to leave the festival.
So we left Symbiosis 2am and got back to LA 6am where I picked up my car and drove to UCLA for my first day of class.
Ridiculous right.

Such an amazing weekend.
Seriously, for the first time, I didn't want to leave the festival.
Once you get a taste of heaven, its hard to go back.

PHOTO// Galen Oakes

PHOTO// [esqape]

SUNNIES// [esqape]

PHOTO// JonKillz


So blessed to have my photographers capture my moments because my phone died by the end of the first night.

Galen Oakes
Zabastian Amadeuz

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Your Wifi

You search for her far and wide.
You wait for her long and endlessly.
You connect with her deep and strongly.
You love her great and dearly.

Your wifi gives you incredible access.
Your wifi gives you knowledge.
Your wifi gives you happiness.
Your wifi gives you life.


glasses// [esqape]
shorts// 24hrs
shoes// YRU
earrings// Witch World Wide

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Forever 21

It's exactly 11:00pm, as I sit here writing this blog, just an hour before I grow out of the magical age of 21… and I'm feeling a lot of feels…

I don't like that I always get a little sentimental every time its right before my birthday.
I know it's because I am hard on and expect the most out of myself.
Being 21, I felt very fresh and ok to make stupid mistakes. It was easier to get away with things, unlike how I see myself as being 22.

I've learned so incredibly much this past year. 
It's ironic that a few days ago I just detached from the person who I have spent this past year growing close to and falling in love with.
I will be honest and admit that change doesn't come easy to me.
I will miss being 21.
I do feel a great change coming with this new age for me, and I feel strangely different about myself.
Everything happens for a reason, so I'm sure that the timing that everything is happening on is making me feel in such a way for a purpose.

I will embrace it; nevertheless, and know that the only thing I can do is accept change and focus on being my best self I can be.

This may sound stupid, but I have a good feeling that this age for me, because of the double deuces, will be the most peaceful and grounded, not in the sense of physically and socially, but in a way that I will learn to handle things in a more peaceful state-of-mind.

JACKET// 24hrs
SUNNIES// [esqape]

PHOTO// [esqape]

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

SkySky Cottontail

Those who visit this hidden patch of green land in Los Angeles,
may have encountered a little pastel dweller.
Those who keep vigilant
may have captured a glimpse of her.
They say she is a soft pink
and wears white and mint colored fabrics.
Some say they've seen her washing her clothes in the waterfall
or bathing in the sun.
The next time you visit the Vista Hermosa Natural Park,
you may be lucky enough to catch sight of SkySky Cottontail.

KIMONO// Sparkl
LEG GARTER// Skinny Bitch Apparel
Necklace// Betty Bones

Thursday, June 23, 2016

my Angel Whip

This is my first car that I ever bought.

I got a really good deal for it since it was used. The thing is that it runs great but didn't look nice.
The car actually didn't even have hubcaps, which gave me this spectacular idea…
I picked up some from Auto Zone plus a $6 bottle of pink spray paint and went off.

Now I stand by my cute lil car, proud and cute as a baby girl can be.
We compliment one another… can't go anywhere without my "Angel Whip"
Watch out Angelyne, a new babe is taking over the streets of LA…

BOOTS// Public Desire
DRESS// LUVS Boutique
JACKET// Urban Outfitters
GLASSES// [esqape]

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Little Triplet Stars

 Twinkle twinkle little toes…

One of my favorite Sanrio characters, next to Sentimental circus & My Melody, is Little Twin Stars.
My favorite design by YRU is the Ballet Baes.
Thus, my faves put together form my dream shoe:

I just love how it compliments a dancer's body,
and the pastel colors are right at my level.
The satin shine and sparkly baby pink ribbons finish it off perfectly.

Now I just need Kiki & Lala to take me with them,
 'cause they've been missing out on their 3rd member.

Top// Rio Warner
Shorts// American Apparel
Shoes// YRU