Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Day of Popkiller's Vintage, Quirk, and Fun

Had an amazing time shooting with the peeps at Popkiller this summer (sorry this post is late :/ )
They carry the raddest glasses, socks, vintage items, and a ton of awesome gag items to gag over.
Of course their own brand of clothing is hella cute as well. 
Check out their web-store, if not, their stores all around LA!!!

Photo credz: Sumire Wakita 
Styling by: Jessica Marie Procopio
Special thanks to Ricky & Nori 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Wrap My Lips Around their Buns

There's no burger like UMAMI Burger.
Yes of course I love my In-n-Out obvi, but there's something about Umami's taste that is so different. 
It infuses Asian flavors into their recipes which is also where it gets its Japanese name from.

I had to give my babe, Noella, her first Umami expereince.

She boldly ordered the "Manly Burger" while I got my favorite, "The Hatch."
Our meal was not complete without their bomb ass sweet potato fries along with their house ketchup and garlic aioli.

I LOVE this Umami location because its located in Space15Twenty which is also where Urban Outfitters, Free People, Pharmacy, and a bunch of other cool stores are at. 

Check out Noella rocking out her infamous black coordi.
Her UNIF sleaze bag tops it off. . .oops, I meant Celize bag :]

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Puri in LA

I got to spend time with my new sweet and adorable friends from Japan and Brazil :]
It gave me an excuse to hit the purikura machines in Little Tokyo.
Those machines are old and crappy, but I was desperate to take cute pics LOL

Such cuties~

Saturday, December 14, 2013

UNIF sample sale

Great part about living in LA is that we get in on all the sick sample sales.
LA brands that sell their stuff on online boutiques like dollskill, nasty gal, karmaloop, and etc, are usually Downtown based, so I can actually physically shop than spend hundreds online plus shipping/ handling.

I underestimated how many people were going to be there. 
What I thought was early was late; I ended up getting there later than everyone (9am) and stood at the back of the line.
However, UNIF was well prepared and still had enough bomb stuff by the time I got in YAY!!

Chillin in line. The Arts District is beautiful.

Grabbed my badass boo to tag along with me.
We were ready to rape this sale.

So here's my UNIF haul~
There were many other things I wanted, like the clear bra, but they didn't have my size left :[

So happy these hologram platforms were there!!! 
I had been craving them.

SUNNIES: Popkiller
SWEATER: United Couture

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bitten by VAMPS

I waited 3 years to see my Hyde come back for LA.
This time they came to the House of Blues Sunset when last time played at the Avalon back in 2010.
VAMPS will always be one of my fave J-rock bands <3

The Opening band was Living Dead Lights. 

Got a drink before the main came on.

Then partied with these mofos.

Honestly though, their set-list this year was weak. 
They didn't really play any of my fave songs unfortunately, so I was disappointed :[
But I still had fun obvi.

Made my shirt. check it out check it out.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Connected Fest

Connected Fest is a fashion festival presented by the Well which connects Angelenos with the freshest LA brands, artists, and music

Last year I  missed it, so I had to hit up ma home girl Yuliya to raid this place out.
I got armed in my Joyrich and headed out. 

Finally met this cutie.
Haruna is the producer of United Couture baby, check it

I went to check out Deandri's booth to see my boo Essy <3

These Iron Fist shoes doe!!!!
Had to grab a pair for a sikkk deal. . .can you guess which one?

Def happy with our new goodies~

wut wutttt-------- !

JACKET: American Apparel
TANK: Joyrich
SOCKS: Joyrich
BAG: Betsy Johnson

Monday, November 11, 2013

Q Restaurant

Recently got a part-time job at a brand new omakase-styled sushi joint in Downtown LA called Q.
Being on the high end, Q serves roughly 18-20 course dining experience of the purist sushi from the Edomae period in Japan. 
Chef Hiro Naruke is a boss, and the service is top-knotch.

I love working here because I get the all the expensive goodies to my self. 
Keepin it classy af.

Wine and sake tasting.
Fun times.

Q has been featured in many articles.