Thursday, July 30, 2015

Make Him Meow

She knows how to play the game well.
The wink of her eye, the softness of her fur, and the baby pink on her lips is how she lures in her prey.
She makes them believe they will receive kisses and cuddles;
but they are mistaken.
As they notice her black leather strappy heels and her raise of her whip, 
they begin to understand what they are in for.
At the end of the night, the meow is voiced from him.

Garter// Mantrap
~ Available at Rebel Circus ~

Choker// Valfre
Ring& Leg accessory// Betty Bones
Heels// YRU

Photo// [esqape]

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Esqaping from the Digital World

Created in a facility by humans, this prototype is simply a poor girl.
Each day passes by and all she sees is white, cold, and emptiness.
A sanctuary they call it; but she says "prison."
She dreams of life outside the lab, where such things as freedom exists.
Many attempts of esqape.
Many failures bring despair. 
She wishes that it can be as easy as pushing [esq].
It almost seems impossible,
but thats how she knows that her esqape is worth it that much.

Top// [esqape]
Bottoms// Omighty
Shoes// YRU
Ring// Desert Moon
Lips// Lime Crime

Friday, July 10, 2015

Relationships with Nature

My favorite part about living in LA is that I have access to nature.
Although I love the big city -and can't live without it,- I need the trees, mountains, and creeks to escape to at times.
I definitely take advantage of hiking up to the Griffith Observatory couple times a week. I use this environment as a mediation ground where I leave my phone at home and detach my self from the chaos. 
Aside from nature being good for my mental well-being, it's my main source of exercise since I don't like the whole social thing about gyms.
Thus I chose this location to feature my urban-boho look here:

Bottoms// Lip Service Cult

*Special thanks to Rebel Circus for providing the cute shorts*

Shoes// YRU
Necklace// Desert Moon
Leg chain// Z-Hovak
Cardigan// American Apparel
Lips// Limecrime "Shroom"
Septum// Vidakush

Monday, July 6, 2015

The Shrine Awaits the Purest

It is in a castle's nature to attract princess'.
Its beauty, majesty, and power are all that entice her lavish eyes and heart
to want to drown herself in an extravagant and carefree world. 
It is in a princess's nature to attract castles. 
Its the twirl of her dress, her passionate dreams, and twinkle in her eyes
that make her belong nowhere else.
However when the day comes to an end, and the moonlight falls on the princess,
all evil is stripped away leaving only her purest form visible.
All the black, the wealth, the materials, and the attitude are blown out.
The girl feels naked and empty like her shoes, 
but, in reality, it is the most noble she's ever been.

Alive since 1612, here stands the Nagoya Castle located in Nagoya Central Japan.
It was during the Edo-period of Japan when the castle was housed by the Tokugawa lineage.
It was used to protect the position of the Tokaido Road and block attacks from the Osaka direction.

Dress// Deandri
Choker & Harness// Deandri
Shoes// YRU

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I See, I Admire

If I had to choose my favorite place in Tokyo, it would have to be Harajuku. 
Its the shopping (obviously), purikura, crepes, street art, and the Meiji Shrine (I think thats what sells it for me).
I love everything about the intense exhibition of pop culture there along with the tranquility of nature. 
I also enjoy the 12min walk from there to Shibuya ;]

I see it all; I admire its beauty.

Photo// Kid Perez

Later that day, we made our adventures into the artistic little town in Tokyo known as Koenji.
The most interesting part was that they're were some amazing street art and tiny hole-in-the-wall shops that people just pass by without any attention. 
The art and unique shops seem to just exist for itself, and only those who are lucky enough to cross its path get to see the gems it preserves. 

Sadly, it was inevitable for the day to end, so we made the Meiji Shrine our last spot.
I believe that the Meiji Shrine is special because it usually gets forgotten by the overbearing flashy colors in Harajuku st., located right on the opposite side, which attracts all the attention.
Little do people know what's on the other side of the the Harajuku train station that separates the two.
It's one of my favorite places.

Photo// [esqape]

Clothing set// Above Heaven
Cardigan// UNIF
Heels// YRU
Necklace// Nin3