Monday, December 21, 2015

Pink & Spaced Out

If you were what to ask, what's my favorite kind of style at this current moment, I'd say its what I've coordinated on this post.
I will break it down item by item.

The pink Claritii shades are frameless, so it has this sick futuristic look to them. Plus anything pink and plastic is my Barbie style.

The hologram top and skirt set is the shiny psychedelic vibe that I love. Its simple because it's a solid color, so it makes it super versitile to coordinate with. Plus I always have my body be shining hehe.

The baby pink jacket has reflective straps on them that light up when there's flash. This is some next level stuff. 

And lastly, the sporty posh new "LaLa" kicks are so white and fresh that it adds the last clean touch to completing the futuristic look. The bejeweled socks give it a cosmic vibe to top it off. 

Top & Bottom// Poprageous
Jacket// [esqape]
Shoes// YRU
Glasses// [esqape]
Socks// Fig & Viper

Photo// @matchapazzi