Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Panda Party Pants

So turnt, I've got my crew.
Get money, that's how we do.
So let's dance, but not cuz of ants,
but cuz this panda party in my pants.

Get this look!!!

STOCKINGS: Avantgarde

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Rainbow has Descended to Me

They do not worry.
They are not sorry.
They are not scared
or have even cared
about what the horses say
or about things considered nay.

They allow their fur
to let magic occur.
They profusely omit glitter
without a snicker of titter.

Such an enchanted being
is what my spirit is freeing.
And sits above my head
are the dreams to be bred.

BRALETTE| Brandy Melville
BOOTS| unif

Monday, October 27, 2014

Fangophilia in LA

One of the most creative and unique jewelry line, Fangophilia, has its first pop-up shop in America, and I am so thrilled that it's LA! 
Today, I attened the opening-day of the shop and got to meet the artist behind it all. 
Taro Hanabusa is a dentist from Tokyo with a secret agenda: he is also an ingenious jewelry designer who has designed accessories for many American artists such as Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, and is currently working with Nicki Minaj and Brooke Candy. 

Location: Mack Sennett Studios
The Pop-up shop will last until November 2nd
The space is set up very nicely.
The underground-industrial feel is fitting for this type of work since it almost makes it feel like you have entered a hidden lab of a mad dentist.…partly true :P

This particular face-piece was hand-crafted for the legendary Michael Jackson.
You can clearly see his facial features and definitions on the mold.
It is truly exquisite. 

Someday I will be able to get a face-armor personalized for myself.
In the meantime, I am impatiently waiting for my very own fangs to be made!!
I got my mold done today, but he will finish making the actual metal-form of the fangs when he returns to his lab in Tokyo.
I'm so stoked to have it done! eeeekkk


..::Thank you Taro-san so much for visiting LA and providing us with such original pieces of art::..


Taro-san and I

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Deandri Halloween Sale

A beautiful little church, concealed in the raucous city of LA, houses Deandri's charmed show room. 
Fit for the season of Halloween, its glistening stained glass compliments all of the lovely and dark clothing pieces, shoes, and accessories. 
I have grown a liking to this brand very much.

Chantelle, director of operations and store manager, is such a lovely doll.

Photo cred by the beautiful and amazingly-talented Deanna Richmond, designer of Deandri. 

I had to gear-up in Deandri today obviously.

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Sky Has Fallen

When the perfect pieces of clothing collab with a skillful artist behind the camera, something magical happens. He, who captures each sparkle of light reflected from the thousand of sequences threaded onto the clothes, is able to transform the model into an "iridescent chic". 

Clothing provided by | Haus of L'ove
Photography by | Jawny

TOP: Rehab Clothing
BOTTOMS: Rio Warner 
HEELS: Fig&Viper
CHOKER: We Are Mortals
BRACELET: Paola Loves to Shop

Be sure to check out Haus of L'ove located in Downtown Los Angeles. 
They were recently voted in LA Weekly's Best Boutique. 
This boutique definitely deserves the recognition.