Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Forever 21

It's exactly 11:00pm, as I sit here writing this blog, just an hour before I grow out of the magical age of 21… and I'm feeling a lot of feels…

I don't like that I always get a little sentimental every time its right before my birthday.
I know it's because I am hard on and expect the most out of myself.
Being 21, I felt very fresh and ok to make stupid mistakes. It was easier to get away with things, unlike how I see myself as being 22.

I've learned so incredibly much this past year. 
It's ironic that a few days ago I just detached from the person who I have spent this past year growing close to and falling in love with.
I will be honest and admit that change doesn't come easy to me.
I will miss being 21.
I do feel a great change coming with this new age for me, and I feel strangely different about myself.
Everything happens for a reason, so I'm sure that the timing that everything is happening on is making me feel in such a way for a purpose.

I will embrace it; nevertheless, and know that the only thing I can do is accept change and focus on being my best self I can be.

This may sound stupid, but I have a good feeling that this age for me, because of the double deuces, will be the most peaceful and grounded, not in the sense of physically and socially, but in a way that I will learn to handle things in a more peaceful state-of-mind.

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