Friday, April 24, 2015

The Queer Pier

It has been quite some time since I last visited Santa Monica Pier…

As I walked through Pacific park, after purchasing a ticket for a ride on the ferris-wheel, I felt so out of place. It was swarming with families, screaming kids, and generic people, that I felt uneasy. I guess I have been used to a more secluded community of talented artists and inspiring people that I couldn't handle this which makes me question myself even more.
This is not me being pretentious at all, it just made me aware of my surroundings.

A scary and weird experience at the pier I'd say.

Nonetheless, we found the exotic birds fascinating. I had fun~

Shoes// YRU
Dress// Spinns
Sunnies// Popkiller

Photo// [esqape]

Monday, April 20, 2015

Black | White [[ON FLEEK]]

If there was such a thing where I got to design a sport team's uniform, I would bring the both ends of the world together: 
<the mainstream sports apparel brands> with <the underground dark bondage scene>
This meshing of distinct styles is the future.

Mask// Above Heaven
Shorts// Knorts
Socks// Nike
Shoes// YRU
Harness// Deandri

Friday, April 17, 2015

I Am All: Good and Evil

The one thing I regret while I was still in community college was not taking more philosophy courses. 
Coming from a non-religious background, I was so fascinated and enthralled in learning how the universe functions and exists through different lenses. 
Some of it didn't make any sense to me, yet some beliefs grasped my soul.
One of them was Taosim.
It surprised me that I already had my ideas of opposite forces attracting together to create balance and harmony that I learned through my own experiences alone.
Everything in life strives for balance from biological/scientific background and in the sensible world.
In order for one to exist, the opposite must be present; and together they make something complete. 

I mentioned my personal thoughts on ying-yang because Z Hovak's karma free apparel spurred these ideas with their black/ white set that I am featuring in this post.
I love that
the top and bottoms are changeable, so I can have 4 different looks whenever I feel like it.
I like having options.
Not to mention, the pretty Ohm leg chain completes the image in its entirety.  

Clothing// Z Hovak
Headband// Spinns
Necklace// Desert Moon
Leg Chain// ZHovak
Body art// Nüd Ink
Shoes// YRU

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Basic Spice Girl

With a halter top that tastes like orange Fanta,
a set of white Persian cats on my feet,
Dr. Seuss fluffs sitting in my hair,
and a charm that labels my booty "sexy,"

I am basic.

Top// Jade Clark
Coat// UNIF
Shoes// YRU
Fluffs// Gitsie Wood
Heart garter// Tunnel Vision
Body chain// Dollskill

No Seasons

Shooting under the spotless blue sky and warm Cali sun is my favorite. 
As I changed into these cute body suit pieces, I realized how lucky I was:
Who gets to throw on a swim suit in March/ April? 
Our seasons are nonexistent, but I'm okay with that.

Glasses// Her Tiny Teeth
Bodysuit// AMI Club wear
Shorts// Bad Vibes
Shoes// YRU
Body art// Nüd Ink

Photo// Donzor


Choker// Valfre
Bodysuit// AMI Clubwear
Boots// UNIF

Photo// Donzor