Monday, March 31, 2014

Get Outta my Mind

When the habits of making false assumptions about one is conveyed, 
measurable frustration spurs. 
I value purity, and I aim to walk on the straightforward path.
Nothing to hide; no games to play.
Get out of your head, and get out of my mind.

Photography by: Patrick Fogarty

TOP: House of Widow

Location: the beautiful Arts District

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Review: Eat Your Heart Out Diet

Out of all the short-term diets I looked into, this seemed the most effective and do-able, so I thought I'd give it a try and see how this really works.
I thought it wasn't very hard because its the opposite of starving yourself or eating in small portions.
The only limitation is eating a certain food group that it assigns on each day. What you eat in this week is balanced and the nutrition is added up to what you would intake in a day.

Here's the complete diet plan:

DAY 1, DAY 2, & DAY 3
I definitely lost most of my weight on these first 3 days because I was basically eating less calories than it takes to burn them.
The hardest part is just not being able to drink my zero-cal and sugar-free drinks because only water and tea is permitted.


My favorite day because I'm obsessed with bananas and I love my soy milk. 
I was finally able to eat my favorite Carbmaster yogurt and have some coffee (because I can only drink coffee with some milk in it.)
However, I admit I didn't follow this day exactly because I didn't want to eat like 8 bananas because they are high in sugar and calorie.
So I ended up eating some veggies instead…oops. I hope that didn't affect it; I didn't think it would.

This was the hardest day for me only because of how limiting it was.
I ended up over-eating chicken because it was tasty and nothing else to eat except tomatoes that I grew tired of. 
But damn that was a BIG mistake because I actually GAINED WEIGHT by eating too much chicken TTATT

Although I was allowed to eat any veggie with the chicken, I
still over-ate my chicken…idk why.
I didn't lose any weigh this day either :[ 

I finished my diet off strong with eating veggies only although I was supposed to eat cabbage soup all throughout the day. 
I modified the cabbage soup into a more Japanese style of food for my liking. 
I made nabe (hot pot)!!!

I can proudly say I didn't cheat at all on this diet expect for the couple times when I had some fruit when it wasn't fruit day.
But no MAJOR cheating going on (eating sweets, or anything not listed on the diet).
SO I should have lost 10lbs according to this diet….BUT I did't unfortunately.
It could be that my body works differently since I noticed that I should be on a diet that makes me eat smaller portions throughout the day. 
I also need to decrease my protein intake and consume more veggies.
I probably should've drank more water too.

Because I am disappointed, I'm thinking about trying the diet again, BUT this time going STRICTLY by the book. No alterations for my liking.
I will eat my cabbage soup and I won't eat any fruit when I'm not supposed to.
I just really am so curious to see exactly how much I can lose on this diet if done word by word.

Overall, I followed this diet entirely; I am just disappointed in the results.