Saturday, June 27, 2015

Wonders in the World of Blue

The uncertainties and spontaneous moments in life are what makes it so exhilarating and interesting.
My little story about this day manifests it very well.

Throughout this trip, we longed to visit Mt. Fuji. There was not a sign of hesitation nor doubt that we would make it there because its such a mythical place to see; we couldn't miss the chance.
We started our mission from the Shibuya Station. We chose to take the train because it seemed to be faster than the bus.
From the moment I purchased my ticket at the counter, my understanding of getting there was vague because the man didn't know a word of English. It wasn't a big deal because I knew I could figure it out as I usually do.
The first train we get on turned out to be the wrong train, and we didn't know until half-way through the ride. We disembarked the train immediately and waited  for the right train to come which said to come in another half an hour. 
We calculated the time and approximated that it would take at least 3 more hours to get there making our ETA around 5:30. Damn….we thought; thats too late. On top of that, we read that the mountain is on "off-season," which meant all the trails were closed. 
Thats when we made the spontaneous change of mission to go to Disney Sea instead. We got there in less than an hour and all was beyond well.

The rain drifted the crowd away, and arriving after 6pm granted us the the discounted prices of their "Night Passport." 
I wonder whether we were destined from the start to have fun at Disney or come by spontaneity…either way, it gifted me moments I will never forget.

Cardigan// UNIF
Shades// [esqape]
Body Chain// Desert Moon
Shoes// YRU
Shellphone// Valfre

Photo// [esqape]

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


There lives a fragile girl who harvests glorious dreams.
She questioned happiness and constantly pondered on what she wanted from this life.
Pressures from her surrounding sometimes threw her off track…she gets lost in despair…overwhelmed…
It has kept her confined in a dark space of her chrysalis.

Until one day, the heavens parted their clouds and bestowed a ray of Light.
Little did she know what the universe had to offer for her as long as she was inclined to embrace it.
She learned to trust and believe that she could do anything. 
Still, at times she would feel that it is pathetic to believe in such an abstract idea. 
Luckily, she now has the Light to always remind her of her beauty and power.
She always had a passionate desire to become extraordinary, but there was habitually a pinch of uncertainty in the way.
The Light was able to uncover her delicate faded pink wings from the dark and make them visible.
She can now flutter around in liberation….in liberation from herself;
because all that was holding her back was
She now flies far out into places she's never even heard of, forever exploring the world and herself, never satisfied and only confident enough to reach higher and higher until her wings can't take her no more.

Top// [esqape]
Bottoms// Dollskill
Heels// YRU

Photography// [esqape]

A little note to readers:

This trip to the Arashiyama Monkey Park in Kyoto, Japan with my amazing partner was so inspirational. I wanted to share my epiphanies because I thought that it was ridiculous how I used to see these motivational words as something stupid and cheesy. However, when the realization actually hits you, everything makes sense and the only way to express it is to sound like a Disney movie.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Adventures in the American Village

Today we took the train from Nagoya to my Aunt's place in Osaka (my favorite city in Japan after Tokyo :P 
The first thing I had to do was shop at AmeMura which is an "American" village. Its a cool place to shop because many of the stores have a Western style but, of course, always with a Japanese flavor. Its fun to see the trendy stuff circling around and comparing it to LA's fashion scene. 
Aside from the shopping, one cannot leave Osaka without a takoyaki fixing….it's what Osaka is known for.

I was stoked to see my friends' brand from LA have their goodies sold here at Spinns. So happy~

Y R U Spotting

ooo  T a k o y a k i  ooo

Top// Jade Clark
Shoes// YRU

**Please note that these photos are not taken professionally, thus please don't mind the lower quality of photos. 
My blog is simply a diary for now. Thanks babes**

Friday, June 12, 2015

Hums from the Lavender Field

I love staying with my grandmother in Nagoya because she lives next to a fairly large park named the Arakogawa-koen. 
The best time to visit this park is during June where the lavender blossoms, and the park hold festivals for it; I'm lucky to have picked this time to visit since I adore lavender. 
One of my favorite treats here that I look forward to get every visit is their lavender ice-cream. It is unlike lavender ice cream made anywhere else…so dreamy.

I fill my YRU "black sunrise"with the lavender petals from the fields to keep with me as I flutter across the world. 

Dress// Dollskill
Shoes// YRU

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Lonely Hearts Club

There are many pretty little angels who exist,
whose hearts sit beating alone.
Instead of impatiently waiting to be kissed,
the Lonely Hearts Club is who they phone.

These angels meet up in the heavens with clouds under their feet,
and participate in many dreamy activities together.
With heart-warming talks and cute candies to eat,
the club will make any angel feel light as a feather.

Thank you to Dollskill for our collab with their new line of crop tops and sweaters.
Available on the website now!!

Top// Dollskill
Bottoms// LUVS Boutique
Socks & Heels// YRU
Choker// Marina Fini
Leg garter// Tunnel Vision

Photo// Zhamak Fullad