Saturday, February 13, 2016

Naturally Pink

I realized that the color pink suits me best.
I've tried other shades in my life, but none connects with me the way pink does.
I feel very close to pink and that it understands me well.
It compliments my skin tone and structures nicely.
In a deeper context, it expresses my personality accurately.
It reveals my inner-self quite well.
Pink has the perfect qualities that take from contrasting sides:
it is funky and fun, yet delicate and soft.
It lets me be a little fluffy Angel.
I like to be flirty with it.
I love pink, & pink loves me.

Bra// Ozcult
Bottoms// Sugar Baby
Choker// Tunnel Vision

Photo// [esqape]

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Rainbow's Illumination

There's something about when the clouds darken,
the wind races, 
and the cold rain strikes your skin,
that changes my emotional state.
In experiencing the fine frenzy of a storm,
the world rewards you with the beauty and magical sight of a rainbow.
The rainbow only exists if the rain does.
The sun's rays can only produce such images with the presence of the rain.
I do not like the rain for superficial reasons,
so when I perceive it for its reason of existence,
I truly appreciate it.

These new YRU boots, made with rainbow holographic material, is the rainbow that shines through.
The special part about it is that it doesn't shine easily.
One can only catch its light when it comes across it on the right angle and right lighting.
Similar to a rainbow.

Boots// YRU
Choker// [esqape]
Overalls// UNIF

Photo// [esqape]

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Flying Dancer

Enjoy this pretty trick I captured at home~
I love spin pole because I feel so free as if I was flying~ ~
Thank you