Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Body in Class, Mind in Stars

I am a full-time student at UCLA.
Till this day, I haven't met a single soul that I feel vibes with my style.
It comes to remind me that I am a unique individual and nothing will ever suppress me from expressing myself.
Thus, I wanted to share with you my vision of Sky being a school girl:
It would be equivalent to a student wearing this at a private Catholic school.

I was so excited to have Veronica, the designer of Eye Candy, to customize this bodysuit for me. It was originally a dress that I love, so I just wanted to add a touch of Sky Sky to it.

Body Suit// Eye Candy
Shoes// YRU
Jacket// 24hrs clothing
Backpack// Dollskill

Photo// Veronica

Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Urban Belle

I'm not the type of girl who wears denim; I actually don't own a single pair jeans. Don't get me wrong, they're cool... its just that I rather wear short skirts and shorts of all different kinds of material and colors.

However, when I slipped on these overalls, I felt oddly cute, like an ol' Southern belle. 
I followed through with the vibe and added the white choker and bow to accessorize the overalls. I finished it off with the baby pink velvet shoes to give me that baby girl look.
Of course, I always need to stay true to myself, so I threw on my holographic backpack and decked out my eyes with glitter. 
Then, Boom!'ve got SkySky back in~

Overalls// Mink Pink
Shoes// YRU
Backpack// Lana Para

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy Sparkly New Year

I wanted to start off the New Year SKY SKY style~

I took my first pole fitness class about a year and a half ago and fell in love with it. At first I was really nervous to get out there and start, but now I am see it as one of the best decisions of my life.
I noticed my improvement after each class, that it motivated me in wanting to continue training. 
It wasn't until a year later that I got comfortable with pole dancing enough and was able to come up with creative ideas for it.
My biggest question: I have this talent now…cool! BUT, what can I do with it?
Thats is when I started combining the fashion styling that I do on IG and on this blog and incorporated it with my pole. I think these videos on my YouTube is a smart and cute way into showcasing both my love for dance and fashion.


Here are snaps from the shoot!

Top & Skirt// Poprageous
Shades// [esqape]
Shoes// YRU

I would like to thank [esqape] especially for putting in all the work, time, and care into making this happen for me. I'm so appreciative and honored <3 
so much love.

Music & Production// [esqape]