Monday, November 11, 2013

Q Restaurant

Recently got a part-time job at a brand new omakase-styled sushi joint in Downtown LA called Q.
Being on the high end, Q serves roughly 18-20 course dining experience of the purist sushi from the Edomae period in Japan. 
Chef Hiro Naruke is a boss, and the service is top-knotch.

I love working here because I get the all the expensive goodies to my self. 
Keepin it classy af.

Wine and sake tasting.
Fun times.

Q has been featured in many articles.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Playing Alone at Night

I play hide, and you go seek.

Photos by: Joshua Dearing

SHOES: Deandri

I'm Alive on the Streets

I've been living in big cities all my life.
I'm inspired everyday. 
I'm alive on the streets. 
I know what its like,
to live with the stench that walks the cold cement. 

Photography by: Kid Perez

location: Shinjuku, Tokyo

Shorts: BDG
Leg Garter: by Christian Angel
Heels: UNIF