Wednesday, June 29, 2016

SkySky Cottontail

Those who visit this hidden patch of green land in Los Angeles,
may have encountered a little pastel dweller.
Those who keep vigilant
may have captured a glimpse of her.
They say she is a soft pink
and wears white and mint colored fabrics.
Some say they've seen her washing her clothes in the waterfall
or bathing in the sun.
The next time you visit the Vista Hermosa Natural Park,
you may be lucky enough to catch sight of SkySky Cottontail.

KIMONO// Sparkl
LEG GARTER// Skinny Bitch Apparel
Necklace// Betty Bones

Thursday, June 23, 2016

my Angel Whip

This is my first car that I ever bought.

I got a really good deal for it since it was used. The thing is that it runs great but didn't look nice.
The car actually didn't even have hubcaps, which gave me this spectacular idea…
I picked up some from Auto Zone plus a $6 bottle of pink spray paint and went off.

Now I stand by my cute lil car, proud and cute as a baby girl can be.
We compliment one another… can't go anywhere without my "Angel Whip"
Watch out Angelyne, a new babe is taking over the streets of LA…

BOOTS// Public Desire
DRESS// LUVS Boutique
JACKET// Urban Outfitters
GLASSES// [esqape]