Sunday, January 26, 2014

Snacking Like A Skinny Bitch

After a good year of trying to stay on a diet, whether it was my Paleo diet or simply a low carb/sugar diet, I put together a solid list of the best snacks to stuff my face with.
I love munching food, so these are some of my favorite goodies.

10 cal
These whole wheat puffs are literally zero carbs/ sugar, so its the best to spread anything on it.

Any grocery store
The Laughing Cow cream cheese is amazingly decadent. 
The cinnamon is my favorite because its such a satisfying dessert.
45 cal

I love cheese too much to stay away from. So these light ones are winners.
25-50 cal

I never thought I would ever be able to eat PB without being guilty until I found that POWDERED PB existed. 
These are my life...thank you heavens.
45 cal

The Better'n PB is from Trader Joes. Also amazing.
100 cal

selected grocery stores
10 cal
The most refreshing and best-tasting sparkling probiotic drink ever.

Trader Joes
140 cal
These apple sticks are addicting. 
I can eat 33 sticks for only 140cal = best munchies ever!!!

I love my sugar-free cookies as well. 
I can get these at any store.

10 cal
These are basically zero cal foods that fill me up and can be used as a sub for noodles and wraps. 
They save my life.

Trader Joes
30 cal
If you get this brand, nachos are such yummy low calories snacks. 
I never thought I would able to eat salsa and chips without all the fat and calories, but these are like totally safe.

My daily coffee, Garcinia Cambogia, and metabolism boosters (taken occasionally). 

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