Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tanabata Matsuri

There's a reason why I find summertime the most favorable out of all the seasons.
Besides the warm weather that I love, summer brings nights of sparkles and magical sensations to life.

A Japanese tradition called the Tanabata Matsuri, meaning "Star Festival," is one of those magical summer moments. On the seventh day of July, a wish is written on a piece of embellished paper and then tied to a tree. 
The meaning of this tradition derives from an old Japanese fable. 

I was happy to take part in this tradition since I was holding many wishes in my back pocket.
They were all just waiting to be swept away from me and into the starry sky.
Luckily, Little Tokyo provided the chance for locals like me to partake in the wishing.

Now what's a festival without food?!?!
Festival foods are usually my first motivation for going out….I won't lie. 

The yakisoba looks goood.

I couldn't help but buy those imagawayaki. It was so fluffy, sweet, warm, and freshly cooked.

Okonomiyaki is one of my favortie Japanese street food.

Besides the street food, I am still on my quest to find the best ramen shop in LA.
MEN-OH was next up on my list (convenient because it is in Little Tokyo.)

chicken karage & Tokushima bowl (pork bowl)

Tokushima Ramen (tonkotsu)

spicy tonkotsu ramen
The verdict:
This place is currently on the top of my list!!! The tonkotsu broth was very rich in flavor, and the noodles had great texture.
The pork bowl was disappointing on the other hand.
Yet, the chicken karage was definitely the BEST I'VE HAD!!!!

Last on the agenda was watching the Little Tokyo Nisei Parade.

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