Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Best Eats in Nagoya

Before leaving Nagoya, I had a few stops that I had to make to satisfy my trip.
First off, I had to go to Baskin Robbins to get my favorite "Popping Shower" flavor. 
This flavor rocks because its white chocolate ice cream with creme de menthe flavor swirled in with popping rocks candy. 
Only available in Japan!!! 
I was sad that they didn't have my other favorite being the Milk Tea ice cream with apple pie crumbs. 

 My last dinner in Nagoya had to be at my favorite ramen place called "Fuji Ichiban藤一番 
also called Kame-chan.  Ramen shop link
I am not a big fan of ramen, but this place has the BEST ramen ever.
I ordered the Maramen(マーラー麺) 四川麻辣麺(汁なし) 
It is a little different from the traditional ramen, but thats why it is so special.
Sichuanzanshou (Chinese pepper) and the original rayu (Chinese spicy oil) made it tastefully hot. And more, Chimazyan which has strong sesame flavor and black vineger’s rich taste mixed with noodles!
You can't get flavor like this anywhere else in the world!

To top it off, there is no doubt that I had to get some wings at the 
World Famous Yama-chan!
These chicken wings are to die for.
They are actually Nagoya's meibutsu. 
I literally wait every trip to Nagoya to eat these suckers.
I actually didn't eat them there but took them on the air plane back to LA with me!!! 
Yes because I love them THAT much <3

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