Sunday, October 13, 2013

Osaka Gal

Some of my family lives in Osaka, so I stayed with them for a week and got to check out a lot fun places there. 

Today I went to Doutonbori which is one of the most popular areas for tourism in Japan. 
It is a long street that lies alongside the Doutonbori river. 
This street is famous for having a ton of Takoyaki stands, neon signs, Glico Man sign, and its many interesting shops. 

The Kani Doraku Crab is one of Doutonbori's landmarks.
 I still haven't tried this restaurant yet; the line was too long. 
Next time!

Takoyaki (octopus balls) is Osaka's "meibutsu" which is a term used to describe a city's most famous products. 
Thus there was no question for me to have a round of this delicious street food myself.
Honestly, takoyaki tasting this good is only cooked here in Osaka. 

This here is the entrance to another long street called Shinsaibashi
It is different from Doutonbori because this district is known for being the city's main shopping area. 
Clothing stores, brand named stores and such run the entire way. 

I also checked out this very popular shopping area known as Ame-Mura (American Village) because it is located west of Shinsaibashi. 
This area accounts more of the pop, vintage, and nightlife that attracts a lot of Osaka's young consumers  who's interests include fashion, music, and art. 

At my fave store Village Vanguard. They have the most interesting things here from vintage items to Miyazaki merchandised knick knacks. 

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