Sunday, December 1, 2013

Connected Fest

Connected Fest is a fashion festival presented by the Well which connects Angelenos with the freshest LA brands, artists, and music

Last year I  missed it, so I had to hit up ma home girl Yuliya to raid this place out.
I got armed in my Joyrich and headed out. 

Finally met this cutie.
Haruna is the producer of United Couture baby, check it

I went to check out Deandri's booth to see my boo Essy <3

These Iron Fist shoes doe!!!!
Had to grab a pair for a sikkk deal. . .can you guess which one?

Def happy with our new goodies~

wut wutttt-------- !

JACKET: American Apparel
TANK: Joyrich
SOCKS: Joyrich
BAG: Betsy Johnson

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