Friday, February 14, 2014

Such a Sweet Day 14/14

I made it an annual thing to spend time with my boo, Noella, every Valentine's Day.

We had a lovely lunch date at a cute place called TART across the street from the Grove. 

I love this babe. 
She has been the dearest friend and is so beautiful in every way.

Spent the rest of our time at the Grove.
Pretty as always.

I finally got to see Noella on the floor working at TOPSHOP!!!

Had a gorgeous Valentine's dinner at home…such a treat.
Steak, scallops, lobster, and salad.

And the infamous red velvet cheesecake and a fresh banana cream cheesecake both from the Cheesecake Factory to top it all off.
Never had a better cheesecake in my life. I could cry. 

Such a sweet day <3

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