Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Original Cult Sample Sale

This was definitely the best sample sales I've been to so far. 
The Original Cult Outlet in Downtown's Arts District opened its factory up for a sick sale.
Everything was half off!!! I'm so sorry if you missed it >__<
I love living in LA.

The Original Cult Outlet Sale carries the brands: Lip Service, Kill City, 24hrs, and Widow.
Other brands like Iron Fist and Nasty Gal was there as well.

I got to meet sooooo many rad babes. So much fun~

My outfit today:
TOP: K-Tag
SKIRT: Everland Clothing
HEELS: Deandri

So this was my haul!!! 
I got a bunch of Lip Service stuff, some Super shop 24hrs stuff, and a cute Iron Fist wallet along with a bunch of patches and pins.
It was all so cheap that I felt a little guilty walking away with my load hahaha!


  1. Looks like you got a bunch of gems at this sale!! :D Soooo awesome!!!

    1. Thanks babe <3 Yeah! I'm so lucky to live in LA to attend these sales where usually they are only sold online. We need to go shopping together sometime!!!