Sunday, July 6, 2014

Anime Expo 2014

Although the size is no where near Comic Con's, Anime Expo is rapidly increasing its con-goers every year!
Luckily, it is held annually at the LA Convention Center in Downtown which is very close to me.

I was excited to be an exhibitor at the con this year for Banpresto with a couple of my friends.

Too bad that I was only allowed to cosplay on the last day; otherwise, I would've cosplayed on all 4 days >_<
Since our booth sold One Piece figurines, I decided to wear my Chopper cosplay <3 

These babes are wayyyy to cute <3

It was very fun as usual even though I didn't have the time to actually walk around and enjoy it for myself.
Concluded my time at AX with kakigori (shaved ice). yum!
Till next year AX!!!

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