Saturday, September 20, 2014

Deandri's Pop-up Shop

 The Urban Outfitters located on Broadway in Downtown LA welcomed its space to house one of my favorite brands, Deandri, to their store for the day.
On top of that, another brand that I adore for their cutest sunnies, Q/A, popped up a little shop there as well.
 One of the best things is when brands have pop up shops because its a kinda rare occasion when you get the opportunity to see the products in person and chat with the awesome people there. 

These dolls make all the magic happen. 
I'm always inspired by such creative, successful, and beautiful young women such as them.

SKIRT: American Apparel
HEELS: Deandri

Here's a snap of my friend and I who won the raffle for the free Q/A sunnies AND he won the harness I'm wearing.

Photo Booth at Urban Outfitters

The clear pvc collar-harness was too cute not to get. It was on sale as well so, the decision was done.

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