Monday, September 1, 2014

My Downtown LA Adventures of Yumminess

I decided that LA will always be my home-base and best fit for my diverse tastes. 
I never felt the need to live elsewhere because this city is pretty accomodating for a daring foodie that I am. 
Los Angeles has hidden gems illuminating from every crack like an underground mine, waiting to be discovered by adventurous locals such as myself.
Even throughout the long years, I have yet to try many of these amazing places to eat. Angeleneos sure have it good with the vast array of places to grab some delicious and unique grub; boredom is inexistent. 
The warm summer evening inspired me to crawl out of my den and enjoy the venturing of my neighborhood.

Here's where my adventure began…

Tucked in the corner of a plaza in Chinatown stands the infamous Chego! I'm a huge fan of fusion food and bold flavor, so there's no question that this place is my new addiction. 
If you're a pork fan, you must get their Chubby Pork Belly bowl because it will change your life. The food here is beyond words. I love that they use only fresh and local ingredients to make their food. 

On the right: Ooey Gooey fries

Chubby Pork Belly bowl

Afterwards, I particularly enjoyed our stroll around Chinatown at this late of night because it had a abandoned and creepy vibe going on that seemed to excite me. 

A few minutes away from Chinatown lies the trending area in Downtown known as the Arts District. Thus, Pizzanista! was our next spot.
A little birdie once told me that they serve their special Mac & Cheese Pizza exclusively on Sundays, so this was the perfect opportunity to finally try a slice.

Cool vibes

The Veggie Pizza was my favorite!! AWESOME 

Mac & Cheese Pizza
Was good, but not great. It came short on my expectations… :[

It just made sense to conclude my foodie adventure with something sweet.
This hole in the wall called Pie Hole had their hole in the wall crammed by a ton of hipsters.

I 'll honestly say that it didn't live up to all the hype that it has been getting. Because we got there late, I didn't get to try the pies I wished to get, and the portions were TINY….not worth $6. 
Oh well...I had to try to find out anyway
Don't get me wrong; it was still very good, but I wouldn't repeat going there.

Earl Grey Pie

Mexican Chocolate

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  1. mmmm look at all that pizza!! I've been to chego once, it's pretty good! I'm glad I can inspire you in any way, you are too sweet <3 always rooting for my lil sis!