Monday, May 18, 2015

Dreaming of a Silky Satin Babe

What captures a little girl's heart 
is not a life with a white picket fence, 
a vintage baby blue car, nor a man who's smart,
but the way the satin pink feels to her sense,
the pink fuzzy fur she wears to depart,
and all the hearts she can wear. Hence,
she is blissful in her cotton candy imagination part,
and the sky's swirls of clouds like in imperfect tense. 

Thank you to LUVS Boutique for this dreamy set of gear. 
I love how I get to be sporty and keep feminine, cute, and silky. It's the best combo. 
~Check out their new line~

Jacket + Set// LUVS Boutique
Shoes// YRU
Stockings// American Apparel
Glasses// Popkiller
Necklace// Velvet Beehive

Photo// [esqape]

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