Wednesday, May 6, 2015

WIA Black pt. II

I love collaborating with foreign brands because you get a glimpse of how their lifestyle, culture, and environment reflects their fashion. This particular brand is made in Spain.
I have not seen any brand in Los Angeles make street clothing like this. The material they use is very thick and sturdy to resist the harsh weather. The verbiage on their clothing is, lets just say, not the type of attention I would want to get walking around my hood. 
That's exactly why I love gearing up in this; it makes me feel different and takes my attitude to a new place.

For this mesh top, I styled it a bit astray from WIA's set image and played more with my style. 
I threw in some sparkles and tie dye to give it a kick.

Shades// Twonk
Bottoms// Dollskill
Shoes// YRU

Photo// Armando Cepeda

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