Friday, August 14, 2015

Adventures to the Jim Morrison Cave

"Look up how to get to The Jim Morrison Cave," he asked me to do before we got on our way to discover this obscure place. I googled it, and followed the pinpoint to where it corrected as "The Corral Canyon Cave."
When we arrived to that destination, he turns to me and says "This is not it. It's not something you google. You have to really search for it."
I took a few moments and finally found a blog where the writer gave a detailed direction of how to get there from the point where you park your car to hiking towards the concealed entrance.

It was definitely more of an intense adventure than I was ready for. Nevertheless, the difficulty made it so much fun. After exploring and getting help from some hikers, we cam upon this extremely narrow cave opening that had the caution "Beware" spray painted all over the rocks…. It was intimidating.

We climbed through the cavity together and popped our heads into a world of a bubble gum pink trippiness. I've never seen anything like it, nor was I expecting anything like it:
Every inch of the cave was covered in crazy hand-painted illustrations. It is also known as "the Pink Vagina" because of the way its exit looks hahahaha!!!!!!

I was surpsied to have never seen any photos of this cave online or anywhere before. I thought it was so weird why such an extravagant place was not blown up by any of us artsy people here in Cali. 
I guess not everyone is down to put in the handwork of finding it…only the pirates deserve such a treat to experience the Jim Morrison Cave.

And a hippie pirate I was~

Bottoms// [esqape]
Shoes// YRU
Glasses// [esqape]

photography// [esqape]

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