Friday, August 7, 2015

Le Boho Chat

When I go on my hikes, I am usually very inspired because I use that time to thoroughly connect with myself. My mind spurs many interesting ideas and thoughts as I absorb the surroundings with a clearer mind.
Recently, I was inspired to throw together a boho-chic styled coordi since I had this super cute white flare-sleeved top from LF Stores. 
With the rocky and sandy terrain in mind, I threw on the daisy-woven cat-ears to create an image of a cute little mountain lion.
The white furry fanny-pack added the last touch to bring the kitty to life.

Top// LF Stores
Bottoms// Spinns
Fanny pack// Imagination by JW
Flower Cat ears// Flower Children Only
Shoes// YRU

In Japan, one of my favorite stores to visit is Spinns. They do a great job in providing the latest Japanese fashion trends in terms of pop street-wear.
What caught my eye the most was this Spanish-inspired textile of clothing. The fact that it was in baby pink made it jump to my part of the world. I also love that the shorts are laced up on the sides to snug your waist. Its just the perfect set of clothing to wear on a hot summer day, for festival-wear, to the beach, or literally anywhere casual! haha

Snapback// Spinns
Septum// Vidakush

Photography// Armando Cepeda 


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  2. Hi! Love this whole oitfit and how you styled it, really love these shorts but i cant read anything on their website because its in Japanese or something. Would you be able to put a direct link to them? Im from and @fergzillas on insta