Friday, November 27, 2015

Lounging in the Clouds

I've always wondered whether or not I would be the same person if I had a different name.
Is it ironic that I love pastel and light colors,
that I like to adorn myself in fuzzy, velvet, and sparkly clothes,
or continuously dream of playing in the clouds?
Or is it not?
Am I biased from the name that I've been given?
Had I been named Lisa, would I still associate myself with the heavenly sky?
I guess it doesn't matter because I love who I am.
I've always felt a close connection to the heavens and vibe with the angels.
I can't imagine myself being anywhere else than up in the clouds.

Jacket// Inu Inu
Bodysuit// iHeartRaves
Glasses// [esqape]
Shoes// YRU
Necklace// The Mermaid Stone
Socks// Fig & Viper

Photo// Louie Knows

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