Thursday, November 5, 2015

Cherish Beyond Your Screen

I lost my phone on Sunday when I was at HARD Day of the Dead. The second I noticed that my phone was gone, I knew it was over. The thing was that I had TOO much fun at the festival that I was NOT careful with my belongings.
I was livin it.
I am obsessed with Gesaffelstein, so I knew I was going to be wild… but wasn't expecting to lose my phone.

Anyways, its been about 5 days without a phone, and I feel so off. I was stressing out a lot in the beginning because I can't post anything on social media which means a loss of jobs/ modeling gigs, I can't meet up with any friends, can't use uber, can't take selfies, omg the list goes on…

Then, I thought to myself, there is no reason to bring myself down about this.
I found ways to maneuver the best I can, and I became more in tune with my surroundings. Instead of killing time waiting in the grocery line by texting, I had to just stand in line and be. Its strange how awkward we think just "being" is. People think of it as not doing anything and would see a person as weird when they are just standing still, doing nothing. Thinking and observing IS doing something. 
I made myself think about the things I love and acknowledge all the beautiful things around me. 
Cherish them.
Take a look at the sky...
cherish the clouds~

These new kicks featured in this post are called "Cherish" by YRU.
It fell into my situation almost too perfectly;
It was meant to be.

Shoes// YRU
Top// vintage
Shorts (bottom layer)// Marialia
Choker// Valfre
Leg Harness// Tunnel Vision

Photo// [esqape]

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