Sunday, July 13, 2014

~My Birthday~

I started off my lovely day with a cake run to my favorite bakery in LA known as Sweet Lady Jane.
Their cakes are extraordinary because it always has the perfect amount of sweetness, cream, and moistness. I couldn't get my cakes anywhere else.
I added some fresh flowers to my vase, and viola! My birthday decorations came together just as I had  visioned (I was going for a cute floral kind of vibe as this year's theme.)

top: Italian Rum Wedding cake
Right: the infamous Triple Berry Shortcake
Left: Coconut cake
beneath the "20"candle: Banana & Chocolate Icebox cake
My favorite part about birthdays is the gift-opening part…duh!
It made my day to see my grandmother's package from Japan make it here just in time.
Just as I expected…the packages from my grandma are always sardine-packed with Japanese snacks and cute stuff.
Since it was my birthday, I requested her to get me these Balance Up Genmai Biscuits by Asahi. Last year in Tokyo, I became obsessed with those cream crackers, so I desperately needed a supply here in LA. 
Now I have it, and I am a happy gal ^_^

Thanks Jim Shires for the cute birthday gifts of the Kutusita Nyanko cat that I adore.

Being the sparkle-lover and dollcult-obsessor that I am, I had to get some of my Nikki Lipstick pasties and clothing as gifts <3 

The rest of my day was simple amazing!!
I went to get my nails done, followed up by getting a full-body thai massage from Nuch Royal Thai Spa
Black-Dripped Chanel gel french tips

I spent the rest of my day at the Grove and had a wonderful dinner at Maggiano's, which is one of my favorite Italian restaurants. 

I ordered the Chicken Caprese Salad…and omg, one of the best salads I've ever had!!!
I also highly recommend ordering their Baked Ziti and Four-cheese Ravioli

My best friend Noella works at Top Shop, so I decided to pop in and surprise her at work since I was already at the Grove..…hehe
Love this babe.

TOP: Lip Service Cult
HEELS: Jeffrey Campbells

Thank you to all my friends and family for all the sweet birthday messages.
I feel so loved <3
This year was definitely one of the best birthdays!!!!


  1. aw I'm so glad you spent a fun birthday!! happy 20th <333 now I can buy you drinks when you come to japan :)

  2. thank you! YAY lets go to an izakaya next time then <3
    It's gonna be lots of fun hehehe