Monday, July 21, 2014

My Heel's Makeover

I had the raddest outfit styled for my birthday party this weekend. Everything was perfect….except the shoes!!!!!!
Panic hit me like a gust of wind shortly after I realized that I didn't have any shoes to go with what I planned on wearing. 
The perfect shoe that I dreamed of would be nearly impossible for me to find within a short amount of time, so making my shoes was the only option.

Luckily I had a pair of these plain but very cute heels that I bought for super cheap.
They were begging me to have them pimped-out. 

I would like to share with you the process that these babies experienced.

I painted the white wooden parts with this awesome rainbow, metallic, oil-spill colored nail polish from American Apparel.  

I found this really cute ribbon at Michaels for only $2, so I knew I had to incorporate this material on my shoe somehow. 
The back of the shoe it was!

STEP. 3 
I love these cohesive gems that I got also from Michaels. I super-glued them all on the back of my heel and on the sides. 
I also used the left overs to stick on my face and body hehehe. 

That was basically it!

Customizing your own stuff has such a rewarding affect. I felt so proud to wear these bad boys around and now even able to take credit from compliments on them.


  1. ahh cute heels! only you could pull them off :)

    1. thanks babe! pshhh and so can you!!! You can make anything look amazing, seriously