Saturday, June 13, 2015

Adventures in the American Village

Today we took the train from Nagoya to my Aunt's place in Osaka (my favorite city in Japan after Tokyo :P 
The first thing I had to do was shop at AmeMura which is an "American" village. Its a cool place to shop because many of the stores have a Western style but, of course, always with a Japanese flavor. Its fun to see the trendy stuff circling around and comparing it to LA's fashion scene. 
Aside from the shopping, one cannot leave Osaka without a takoyaki fixing….it's what Osaka is known for.

I was stoked to see my friends' brand from LA have their goodies sold here at Spinns. So happy~

Y R U Spotting

ooo  T a k o y a k i  ooo

Top// Jade Clark
Shoes// YRU

**Please note that these photos are not taken professionally, thus please don't mind the lower quality of photos. 
My blog is simply a diary for now. Thanks babes**

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