Saturday, June 27, 2015

Wonders in the World of Blue

The uncertainties and spontaneous moments in life are what makes it so exhilarating and interesting.
My little story about this day manifests it very well.

Throughout this trip, we longed to visit Mt. Fuji. There was not a sign of hesitation nor doubt that we would make it there because its such a mythical place to see; we couldn't miss the chance.
We started our mission from the Shibuya Station. We chose to take the train because it seemed to be faster than the bus.
From the moment I purchased my ticket at the counter, my understanding of getting there was vague because the man didn't know a word of English. It wasn't a big deal because I knew I could figure it out as I usually do.
The first train we get on turned out to be the wrong train, and we didn't know until half-way through the ride. We disembarked the train immediately and waited  for the right train to come which said to come in another half an hour. 
We calculated the time and approximated that it would take at least 3 more hours to get there making our ETA around 5:30. Damn….we thought; thats too late. On top of that, we read that the mountain is on "off-season," which meant all the trails were closed. 
Thats when we made the spontaneous change of mission to go to Disney Sea instead. We got there in less than an hour and all was beyond well.

The rain drifted the crowd away, and arriving after 6pm granted us the the discounted prices of their "Night Passport." 
I wonder whether we were destined from the start to have fun at Disney or come by spontaneity…either way, it gifted me moments I will never forget.

Cardigan// UNIF
Shades// [esqape]
Body Chain// Desert Moon
Shoes// YRU
Shellphone// Valfre

Photo// [esqape]


  1. you are my favorite!
    could you share where your silver body chain & leggings are made by? Thanks!

    1. Aw thank you sweetie! Thank you for reading~
      All the outfit details are written at the end of the blog!!