Friday, July 10, 2015

Relationships with Nature

My favorite part about living in LA is that I have access to nature.
Although I love the big city -and can't live without it,- I need the trees, mountains, and creeks to escape to at times.
I definitely take advantage of hiking up to the Griffith Observatory couple times a week. I use this environment as a mediation ground where I leave my phone at home and detach my self from the chaos. 
Aside from nature being good for my mental well-being, it's my main source of exercise since I don't like the whole social thing about gyms.
Thus I chose this location to feature my urban-boho look here:

Bottoms// Lip Service Cult

*Special thanks to Rebel Circus for providing the cute shorts*

Shoes// YRU
Necklace// Desert Moon
Leg chain// Z-Hovak
Cardigan// American Apparel
Lips// Limecrime "Shroom"
Septum// Vidakush


  1. Love the leg chain! I had one but it broke =*( , so this reminded me to possibly get another one, hehe.

  2. Thanks! oh no it did?! yeah, Z-Hovak has some cute ones like the one I'm wearing :]