Monday, July 6, 2015

The Shrine Awaits the Purest

It is in a castle's nature to attract princess'.
Its beauty, majesty, and power are all that entice her lavish eyes and heart
to want to drown herself in an extravagant and carefree world. 
It is in a princess's nature to attract castles. 
Its the twirl of her dress, her passionate dreams, and twinkle in her eyes
that make her belong nowhere else.
However when the day comes to an end, and the moonlight falls on the princess,
all evil is stripped away leaving only her purest form visible.
All the black, the wealth, the materials, and the attitude are blown out.
The girl feels naked and empty like her shoes, 
but, in reality, it is the most noble she's ever been.

Alive since 1612, here stands the Nagoya Castle located in Nagoya Central Japan.
It was during the Edo-period of Japan when the castle was housed by the Tokugawa lineage.
It was used to protect the position of the Tokaido Road and block attacks from the Osaka direction.

Dress// Deandri
Choker & Harness// Deandri
Shoes// YRU

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