Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I See, I Admire

If I had to choose my favorite place in Tokyo, it would have to be Harajuku. 
Its the shopping (obviously), purikura, crepes, street art, and the Meiji Shrine (I think thats what sells it for me).
I love everything about the intense exhibition of pop culture there along with the tranquility of nature. 
I also enjoy the 12min walk from there to Shibuya ;]

I see it all; I admire its beauty.

Photo// Kid Perez

Later that day, we made our adventures into the artistic little town in Tokyo known as Koenji.
The most interesting part was that they're were some amazing street art and tiny hole-in-the-wall shops that people just pass by without any attention. 
The art and unique shops seem to just exist for itself, and only those who are lucky enough to cross its path get to see the gems it preserves. 

Sadly, it was inevitable for the day to end, so we made the Meiji Shrine our last spot.
I believe that the Meiji Shrine is special because it usually gets forgotten by the overbearing flashy colors in Harajuku st., located right on the opposite side, which attracts all the attention.
Little do people know what's on the other side of the the Harajuku train station that separates the two.
It's one of my favorite places.

Photo// [esqape]

Clothing set// Above Heaven
Cardigan// UNIF
Heels// YRU
Necklace// Nin3

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