Monday, August 12, 2013

A Fresh Beginning in Tokyo

After growing up in Southern California all my life, I finally made a big decision in staying in Japan for a bit.
I love Japanese fashion, music, culture....and obviously F O O D!!! tee hee hee
Plus I have family out here; so I am so excited to start my new life here in Japan! I am~

On my first several nights, I went to some awesome restaurants to celebrate my arrival. 
I went to a really nice seafood restaurant in Kabuki-cho called Isomaru Suisan. So delicious...put me in a great mood after a long flight. 
 I had baked fish and one of their famous/ popular things on the menu which is this crab puree (the one you see on the grill).
OMG soo good!!

I also tried shark's fin and whale meat for the first time!!! The shark's cartilage texture was interesting; nevertheless, yummy because it was in this awesome spicy sauce. The whale...i don't know about that HAHAHA. It was good though! I love trying new food.

I am just so excited and anxious for my future here and whats to come. Tokyo...ARE YOU READY FOR MEH???

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