Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Settling in My Crib

I was lucky to find this really awesome apartment near Shinjuku where the price was low but the room is big!! Thats an incredible deal because living in Tokyo is expensive; plus all the places are super compact and tiny.

I live in whats called a "shared house." I love it here because I only have one other roommate, and we have a huge kitchen and shower room that we share along with my own bedroom that came with a TV, big bed, drawers, and basically everything ^ . ^!!

This is where I keep all of my babies.

I'm such a shoe-girl. L0L

I had to have a special place to keep them so that I can admire them all the time 
tee hee hee!

Gosh I love having my own place :D

I then took a trip to ドンキホーテ (Don Quijote) which is a huge chain store that sells literally everything that you need at a discounted price!!! This store is like heaven to me because I go here at least every week to stock up on my beauty cosmetics which can get super pricey anywhere else.
I love the Japanese facial care brand called AHA+. I have super sensitive skin that is acne prone, so this brand makes real good facial cleaners and an esthetic soap bar for my conditions.

Don Quijote also is the only place that carries my favorite brand of falsies known as "Nature is Lovely." They make my eyes look so cute without looking too scary and made-up. Its a natural look and the shape of the lashes look the best on me. 

and more stuff from my Don Qui haul...
Since my hair is on the frizzy side, imagine how hard it is managing it in Japan's humidity?!?!

Thus I had to pick up a bunch of hair serums and deep conditioners to tame my hair. After shampoo and conditioning, I use the Japanese Pantene creme on my damp hair. After my hair dries, I use the Japanese L'Oreal intensive oil to calm the frizziness.

I've noticed taking baths are super important, especially in living here. I sweat so much everyday in the hot weather that I am in desperate need to sweat out all of my gunk. Detoxing my body is so important for my skin; otherwise, I would get rashes from the sweat that clogs my pores. 
Thus I bought all of these bath salts to make my in-home-SPA!

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