Sunday, August 25, 2013

Satisfying Day at Shin-Okubo

I did Chinatown, so whats next??

Koreatown !!!!

Shin-Okubo Korea Town is just a 10min walk through Kabuki-Cho from the Shinjuku Station which is super convenient for me; no need to take the train when its a beautiful day out. I love walking anyway :]

Majority of the people working there are Korean who are bilingual. cool!
This area is abundant with 3 things:

1) Korean food
2) Korean beauty products
3) K-Pop stores

I started off my adventure walking down Okubo-dori, right where the Shin-Okubo Station is. I first stopped by one of several Korean supermarkets. This popular place is named Chongane. They have Korean groceries and food on the 1st floor. I love how they offer samples of all the kimchi and banchan!!
The 2nd floor is known as Skin Garden where they have all the Korean cosmetics and beauty products.

Then I went to Seoul Ichiba for more groceries. This is my favorite supermarket there.
Got my lunch there~~

My Korean lunch set:



kimchi pajeon

(very traditional, common Korean comfort food)

I'm in love with PAJEON, so I bought another whole pack of it
yes I ate it ALLLLLLL .....oops!

Girl loves her food too much. You guys gotta know that I came here for the
F O O D > . < !!

I noticed that Hotteok was selling on every street corner. I finally tried these puppies and OMG oishii <3

Hotteok is a popular Korean street snack that is grilled, pancake-like that comes with a variety of fillings.

I got the traditional honey one with brown sugar.

AHHH soo yummy~

Walking back down towards the Shinjuku Station, I had to hit my fave place Don Quijote.
This one in Shin-Okubo is particularly famous since its the biggest location and is in the heart of Koreatown.

This alley that Don Quijote is located in is a very popular spot because it is packed with the best Korean dessert cafes and beauty stores.

I also stopped by two more Korean super markets on this street below Okubo-Dori called Ababaka Fudado and Kankoku Hiroba to get more goodies >.<

Going to all these Korean grocery stores, I realized how much I love yakbap <3 I just wanted to mention that LOL. Its so good, you guys should try it sometime. It basically sweet steamed rice with nuts and raisins. It has such a different taste and chewy texture that I dig. 

And I bought SOOOO many snacks
I had to.

 One of my favorites....


Its a Korean traditional sweet confectionary made from wheat four, honey, and seasame oil.

So simple........but so good

Thank god I had a walk home to look forward to because I was in desperate need to burn off all those carbs today HAHAHAHA!! Im cray cray. 

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