Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Yokohama's Chinatown

One of my aunts lives near Yokohama, so today I went to Yokohama Chukagai.
Its is known as Chinatown, which is a pretty famous and touristic spot in the Tokyo area.

I coordinated my get-up especially for this outing: 
Top: Brandy Melville
Bottoms: American Apparel

Stockings: Avantgarde
Shoes: Deandri

GAHHH it was so much fun~ mainly for one reason.....

the F O O D!!!

Of course many people venture out to Chinatown for its traditional and spiritual customs of visiting the temples and festivals. It is also nice to see the beautiful scenery and atmosphere of the decorated temples and buildings. 
But another big reason that I think we can all admit that the whole point of going there is for the delicious Chinese food!!!

I ordered these assorted dumpling skewers that an old cute obaa-chan was grilling!

I got the ones on the left..
it came with 4 different kinds...
~pork shumai
~niku manju
~and another type of shumai (sorry I can't remember)

SUCH a good deal





Look at how happy I am ^o^!!!!


I got the most amazing mango pudding parfait.

bottom: warm mango pudding 

top: andofu (Chinese almond jelly) ice cream soft-served

toppings: boba

I could die happy

Then I couldn't leave without eating the traditional sesame balls.
These things are so bad for my diet but so worth it.
These little baddies are glutinous rice cakes deep fried and coated with sesame. They are filled with ooey gooey anko (red bean paste). Perfect.

I had to be a P I G today. I totally reminded myself of those people who get turned into fat pigs in the Miyazaki film "Spirited Away" TTATT. 

Lastly I stopped by to check out where they make the Baby Star ramen snacks! 

Thanks Sonoe-chan for such a fun and satisfying day!!

Im gonna go die of over-indulging my self now. Don't know if I'll see you soon. 

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