Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Like the Pink Petals on the Streets

I'm sweet since I enjoy simplicity. The Pink.
I'm delicate since I'm sensible. The White.
I'm tough and rough since I search for truths. The Black.
I have the drive to live spontaneously. The Silver. 
In translating these traits into colors, a coordinate is created. 

Thus I act like a rose, but live like a mob. 

Photographer: Kid Perez
Heels: Unif
Top: Melrose


  1. Replies
    1. omg you do?? aww that makes me so happy, thank you <3

  2. Oh so you do know each other haha! Kid Perez was the first photographer I worked with in Tokyo ;)

    1. WOW no way!! I had no idea! He takes nice pictures. I'm planning on working with him again. He was recommended form one of my other friends. thats so funny though