Saturday, September 7, 2013

FIG&VIPER Store Opening

One of my favorite brands, FIG&VIPER had 2 new stores opening in Harajuku's La Foret and Shinjuku's Lumine Est.

I went to the one in La Foret on Aug. 23rd.

 And looky who I met.

Alisa Ueno.
Producer & model for FIG&VIPER. 
She was super sweet and so cute in person. Her pictures don't lie. Love this chick <3 She's just as cool as her style. 
Can't stand her next to me.

Adorable shop staff. Everyone was cute as hell. 

I really wanted these shorts. They looked so rad. . . . .hmm should I?
I think I'll get them when I visit the Lumine Est. store then >w<

But I did get the dope TRILL hat for now! Special edition since it comes with their Lookbook. 

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