Sunday, September 15, 2013

Health Nut Dailies

I believe that eating clean and taking care of yourself is such an important thing to maintain on an everyday basis. It can get hard to keep up when you're busy with a billion other things to worry about.
However, I've been living a healthy lifestyle for quite sometime.

I want to share with you how I recently been taking care of myself…

Right when I wake up I drink a bottle of COLLAGEN!!!                

Between the two brands I tried (Shiseido & Tsubaki), I recommend taking the

Shiseido "The Collagen Enriched"

It really helps make your skin look plump and glowing

A must for healthy skin and hair. 

When I was in Shin-Okubo, I noticed that they were promoting this "Inner-B" Beauty drink everywhere. It was at like EVERY beauty product store!

Along with one bottle of collagen drink a day, I drink glass of water and my daily vitamins. 

I can't skip breakfast! 
One of my favorites is NATTO!!!

It is traditional Japanese food made from fermented soybeans with Bacillus Subtilis; however, it is known for smelling like fart

Yes, it is slimy, strong in smell/flavor, but I think the yummy taste overrides its negative qualities. 


Its low fat/ calorie and rich in protein which is perfect for me since I like to keep in shape!!!

Then I start my usual pilates and core-work out.

Living in LA I would jog or take dance classes, but since its too hot to exercise outside in Japan and since I live in a small apartment, I have altered my exercise:
  • 10 mins of crunches/ sit-ups
  • 20 push-ups
  • 3 mins of quads
  • 5-10 mins stretching

I always keep myself hydrated. 
drinking lots of water = healthier skin
Personally, I drink Omugi Wakaba (young barley grass juice) everyday.

It is a powder tea mix that I add to my water bottles.

This I can't go on a day without drinking a bottle of this.

It is loaded with chlorophyll, dietary fiber, and helps regulate the digestive system and de-toxing

And it provides a good balance of vitamins and minerals.
It is also combined with beauty components (ceramide and collagen). 

You can buy it at some Japanese markets.

   My lunches consist of veggies and lean protein.

salmon salad
miso mackerel and asparagus

Whats better than to end your day relaxing in a BATH?
I take a bath everyday since I started staying here!

 This is my favorite bath salt.
It works as a full body de-tox since it contains a type of germ
It also generates sweating to remove unwanted substances and other junk in your body. 
Plus its r e l a x i n g ~


  1. Good! I'm glad you're eating healthy! Natto is my favorite and I drink the dreaded aojiru too when I need too.. haha

    1. Thanks Sam!
      Yeah I'm trying my best. High five for us natto fans~
      The aojiru isn't that bad haha!
      I miss you, can't wait to go eat another healthy lunch or dinner with you when we catch up soon :]