Sunday, September 8, 2013

Walking in the Sky

Today I went to visit the 
T O K Y O   S K Y T R E E 
Located in Sumida, Tokyo, it is the tallest structure in Japan!

Here's my ticket to take an elevator ride up to the observation level called the "Tembo Deck" reaching 350m high! 
Cost is only 2,000yen which is so worth it. 
The only downside was that the line to actually buy the ticket was about 40mins waiting time (and today was considered a lesser busy day than usual)! 

 The view was incredible. Such a special way to see all of Tokyo. 
It was a little cloudy, which kind of dissapointed me, but I couldn't complain. Still amazing.
View of the Sumida River and Asakusa on the other side of it.

 Wait theres more!! 
If you pay only 1,000yen more, you get to take another elevator ride up to the highest point of the tower known as the "Tembo Galleria" (450m high). 
Of course I didn't want to miss that opportunity since I was already there. 

Felt like I was walking in the sky. 
I'm not really scared of heights, but it did make my heart flutter when I stood on the glass floor.

Not only does the Tower have the amazing views and operate as broadcasting tower, but the lower levels have so much to do.
They have a shopping center, restaurants, and even an aquarium!

We relaxed at a really nice Italian cafe called "Viva Napoli" and had coffee and a delicious fruit tart. 

Then it was shopping time YAY!
The shopping center there is called Tokyo Solamachi. 
They have a bunch of clothing stores, gift stores, and a huge food hall where you can sample and buy speciality foods and snacks. 

I just thought the food displays were so cool. 
They were really expensive though so just fun to admire. 

So happy I ran into one of my fave stores Wakatsuki <3 Chinatsu

So adorable inside. I wanted to buy everything. Definitely the cutest brand.

Can I be one of them pwetty pweeeze????

I had to buy the famous "Tokyo Banana" when I was there. I can't wait to try it!!


  1. Viva Napoli is my favorite restaurant at Solamachi!! They have my favorite pizza I've ever had there <3

    1. Please tell me which pizza was it!!! I have to go back and try it now!! HAHA
      Thats cool you've been up to the Skytree before too huh?