Monday, September 16, 2013

My Sexy Tokyo Banana

So what is all this craze about the famous Tokyo Banana?
I was very curious myself, so my grandma bought me some to try when we went to the Tokyo Skytree. 

I didn't exactly get the original banana cream one, but I tried the chocolate one instead since the packaging looked so adorable with the leopard prints. 

As for my review? 
It was actually not all that great as it seemed. 
Maybe the banana cream is better because the chocolate and banana flavor together made it a little too artificial-tasting to me. 
It lacked the fresh banana taste I hoped for. 


  1. This looks so good!! You look gorgeous as well :O

    Phoebe xx

    1. Yeah I wish you could try it!
      Aw no I don't think so, but thank you. You're so sweet.

  2. Aww, that's disappointing! I've always thought the leopard ones were super cute, but I haven't actually tried any of them yet, haha~ I've heard the banana cream one is delicious though, so perhaps you can try that one next time? ^^ (disclaimer: I love everything banana-flavored, though~) I hope you've been doing well over there! <3 See you soon :3

    1. OMG same! I am a banana-flavor fan as well! So I definitely will have to try the original.
      I've heard its yummy, but I got the chico one because it was too cute to resist HAHA!!
      yes I'm doing well thanks! MISS YOUUU <3